KOPYLOV'S DENTAL CLINIC (KDC) - Стоматология докторов Копыловых
Пн-Сб: 9:00 - 21:00
Воскресенье выходной
Москва, ул. Пречистенка д. 33/19 стр.1


The founders of the clinic Kopylov Yuri Vladimirovich and Kopylova Elena Andreevna working in the field of dentistry for the last 32 years.They have expirience of working for the Russian Goverment Health System.

In 90-ies, they have established first joint Russian - Japanies dental clinic in Nakhodka city, Far East region of Russia, supported by Far East industrial companies. Their son, Kopylov Dmitriy Yurievich, graduated from Khabarovsk Medical University in 2003 and started working in Moscow. He is a doctor and medical consultant of the British dental company Dentsply which produces dental materials, he gives lectures and conducts master classes for dentists in Russia and abroad. He is a therapist and orthopaedist. His distinctive sign-highly artistic front segment restorations, porcelain veneers without tooth preparation, microprostheses (back teeth restorations by ceramic inlays and onlays). His works can be seen on our website www.dentistry.dk and on social networks Vkontakte, Facebook and Instagramm.

Presently, in the clinic, works talanted doctors Dr. Bilictuev A.P.- Maxillofacial surgeon, Implantologist, Periodontologist, Dr.Gladilin D.Y.- Orthodontist, Dr.Listvin V.V.-Orthopedist, Dr.Reznikova A.G.- Endodontist, Dr.Grigorieva M.V.-Hygienist. Some of them holds Academic degree, most of them are english speaking, nobody smokes. They enhance their qialification, cooperate with dental autorities and profile departments.

Despite the size of the clinic, it has worthy equipment: modern dental units, X-ray diagnostic machines, microscopic technic (K.Zeiss), piezosurgical devices, photography (macrofilming) during all stages of the therapy (see site dentistry.dk),laser teeth whitening, bite correction procedures, implantology ( Nobel (Swiss-USA),Impro (Germany) systems), computerised smile model, then iwork in wax(WAX-UP) and finally in porceline. In some years, for Halloween, we were the first in a search engine for vampire fangs restoration.

Distinctly and conscientiously doing our job, we really felt the support of the city. Under the programm of the Goverment of Moscow in 2003 and 2011, we were provided with the grants for small business support. Apparently, we have been noticed as actively developing and highly technological medical company and been nominated in January 2015 for the award. The General Director of the clinic was awarded with the city medal "For valorous work" by prefect of the South-West Administrative Region Mr. Zotov V.B.

On 1-st June 2015 the clinic LLC "KDC" will be celebrating it's 5 years.We wish you and ourselves a big success!



Пн-Сб: 9:00 - 21:00
Воскресенье выходной
Москва, ул. Пречистенка
д. 33/19 стр.1
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